Often, I find, the best laid plans fail. Whilst I began this blog with the intention of finding solace in positive musings and general ramblings, I have, today, found myself with rather a different guise bestowed upon myself.

I suppose, it began when I saw The Earth-Mother. Earth-Mother at number 50 sees any new parents as prime meat and she feasts upon her prey like a woman possessed.

New Mothers out there, I appeal to you now. The politics of being a Mother are complex, are they not? Indeed, whilst David Cameron may be having a tough day today as he and his cronies deliberate over the budget, the truth is that every day is a political happening for a Mother. It is a well established fact that the coffee and cake Mothers of today will nip at one another – “He’s not in cloth nappies?” – and make snide remarks – “They all develop at different rates – your Lucy’s just not as quick as my Freddie” – whilst placing themselves on a pedestal – “I just realised the importance of routine a lot sooner”.

 I refuse to play such games, I refuse to feel guilty over choices I make and I refuse to look pitifully at Mothers who fail to reach the same conclusions as me.

I may not wish to enter into the politics of being a Mother but I can rest easy at night, knowing I am bringing up my baby by my morals only and not being misguided by other parents who wish to impose their beliefs on me. My baby is that very thing – My baby – and no Mother should ever be made to feel guilty about her techniques or compare herself to someone else’s. Nerves are there to be held and I urge you to stand your ground and  trust yourself when all others may questions your thinking, my unseen friends. If you do, all those dreams you have for your baby…they will be realised.

So as The Earth-Mother sits in her conservatory breast-feeding baby to sleep tonight, I can take solace in the fact that I do things my way. Lack of positive musings and general ramblings aside,  the best laid plans can fail.

 Come back soon, unseen friends x

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6 Responses to True

  1. kiwikar says:

    This is a good start.
    I am too young to be a mother but I found it quite interesting to read.

  2. hi there, mine are big meaty hunks of boy teenagers now. I will watch your progress with interest!

  3. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Loved it! Great start! Your observations of “Mothers of today” brought a wide grin to my face!

    Mine first lot are in their 30s and my second lot range from 8 to 16, so I’m well past your stage. I think perhaps we were more supportive of each other 30 years ago, but maybe that was just my circle.

    Good luck!

  4. momfog says:

    Motherhood is like diving voluntarily into a shark tank while covered in fish guts and fresh blood. Honestly, moms are out to get each other these days! After having my FIFTH child in 11 years, I got, “Oh, you’re not breastfeeding?” with the look that screamed, “CHILD ABUSER!!!” Uh no, I’m not. Aside from the trouble I had with it (they never tell you it might be difficult, if not impossible), I simply didn’t have the time. I sometimes answered, when I was feeling especially mean, “No. It’s much easier to just stick a bottle in her mouth, especially when I need a cigarette.” If I was going to get “the look” I might as well deserve it!

    Happy blogging!

    • Team Oyeniyi says:

      “Especially when I need a cigarette” – love it, just love it! On that topic, you know back in my day the medical view was 10 cigarettes a day were OK.

      Man, have times changed!

  5. balladeer says:

    Interesting take, well written. If you keep going like this I think a collected volume of these motherhood musings would be a natural for publication.

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